15years Asset Wide

If you didn’t hear, ABC Group is celebrating its 15th company anniversary in the month of February. From an idea grown out of a garage with a second-hand Ute, we are proud of what ABC Group has become. Now a multi-state, industry-leading provider in the insurance claim industry, that employs over 100 dedicated staff and engages with over 1000 Australian businesses. 

Thank you to all of our clients who have supported the growth of ABC Group and continue to invest in us as an extension of their business to help rebuild homes and communities affected by weather and life’s unfortunate circumstances. 

We’ve shown you our humble beginnings, but what better way to learn about ABC Group than by hearing from our founders, Drew Butler and Dan Sandaver?

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What inspired you to start ABC Group?

Drew: Dan and I saw a gap in the market where builders were promising things they couldn’t deliver. We knew we could capitalise in this space due to tradies and builders not being reliable. We always thought with extra training and mentoring, we could turn your average tradesperson into a great, enthusiastic and reliable tradie.

Dan: I am passionate about project management and what it means to perform great project management. What excited me about the opportunity to start ABC Group, was building a company that did project management at a scale for communities that are devastated by natural disasters. The building process, systems, teams and workflow to automate this at a scale is still a passion of mine and seeing it help get people’s lives back on track is a pretty good feeling. 

Describe ABC Group in one sentence.

Drew: We’re professionals and driven people that still like to have a good time!

Dan: Fast-paced, supportive and agile – while having fun and a laugh with the team along the way. 

What is your proudest moment in the last 15 years?

Drew: There are many proud moments over the last 15 years! The ones that have come to mind are securing IAG, Suncorp, RACQ, Youi and QBE state-wide. Another one is watching our management team grow into successful leaders, which makes me incredibly proud. 

Dan: Looking back at old photos of growing the business in a garage, with memories of a second-hand Ute and old laptop. ABC Group is now a large state builder with over 100+ staff and 1000+ vendors that we have strong partnerships with! I’m also very proud of all the major events that ABC Group have been first responders to, doing emergency make safes and repairs to help people get back into their homes and businesses as quickly as possible.  

Tell us one of your favourite 'firsts of ABC Group'

Drew: Being in Tropical Cyclone Debbie in 2017. Dan and I thought it would be a great idea to get close to the action but unfortunately got caught in the cyclone! 

Dan: I agree with Drew, being in the eye of the cyclone during Tropical Cyclone Debbie (Airlie Beach) for two days. We were bunkered down in a toilet block, which was interesting! Being first responders to customers and boots on the ground was a first for ABC Group. We were door-knocking customers homes and checking that they were okay 7 days before the emergency trucks and teams could even into Airlie Beach, due to it being cut off from flood waters. 

Where do you see ABC Group in the NEXT 15 years?

Drew: Doing business in each state in Australia with multiple different arms of businesses outside of insurance. 

Dan: Following our vision of “Complexity Made Simple” in the construction industry across many different lines of business.