Eastern Australia Floods

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18 March 2021
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4. Eastern Australia Floods

Eastern Australia Floods

Extreme rainfall on the east coast of Australia beginning on 18 March 2021 led to widespread flooding in New South Wales, affecting regions from the North Coast to the Sydney metropolitan area in the south. Suburbs of Sydney experienced the worst flooding in 60 years, and the events were described by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian as “one in 100-year” flooding. Far-southeast communities in Queensland were also affected by flooding and heavy rainfall, though to a lesser extent than those in New South Wales.

The Australian government declared many parts of the east coast a natural disaster zone after the flooding rains forced 18,000 people to evacuate, in addition to over 1,000 flood rescues. More than 37,000 domestic building damage claims were made, declaring large swathes of the state an “insurance catastrophe” according to the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA). The Insurance loss value was $617,532,295.

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