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Preferred Repairers

Australian Building & Construction Group is a preferred repairer to the insurance industry. What this means is we service our corporate clients customers through when they need to activate their insurance coverage under a building claim PDS in Australia.

To be at this level of service requires a highly focus, driven, results orientated organization that prides itself on customer service.

We handle many thousands of building repairs per year, and have designed systems, and process around delivering a unique service on every single job, whilst ensuring customer satisfaction every time.

Being a preferred repairer to the insurance industry means that we must deliver services that:

  • Comply at all times with Australian Building Codes.
  • Meet Statutory and Local Council Regulations.
  • Ensure 100% safety at all times in accordance with Occupational Workplace requirements.
  • Meet all tolerances and guides as per local industry body advice.
  • Ensure all contractors are correctly licensed, Insurered and perform work to the correct code.
  • Protect our customers privacy at all times
  • Provide our Builders Guarantee on every job, every time
  • Comply with the Insurance Council of Australia regulations and reporting
  • Meet our client’s needs, through key performance measures, auditing and corporate governance.

Being a preferred repairer is not an easy undertaking, but what it means is that when you meet all of these objectives, you are building the best product the customer is entitled to.

Ask ABC Group about the benefits of repairing with a preferred repairer, such as the lifetime warranty and financial backing of your insurer, to get the job done properly!

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